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Last updated: Wednesday 22nd March 2000

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Angus Dragons AC is one of the biggest coarse fishing clubs in the North-East of Scotland and currently has around 40 members from Perthshire, Tayside, Fife, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. The Club started life at Clatto Country Park reservoir, Dundee in the late 1980's as Clatto Dragons and amalgamated with Angus Coarse AC in 1994 to become Angus Dragons AC.

We acquired the exclusive fishing rights to Laird's Loch in the autumn of 1995 and introduced a stocking policy, as this was previously a trout fishery.
The loch now contains large numbers of roach and perch and smaller numbers of rudd, tench, common and crucian carp and bream.

Membership of the Club now also acts as a season ticket at Clatto Country Park, Dundee and therefore allows full fishing rights for no extra charge. Clatto is host to roach, rudd, bream, tench, carp, pike, perch and eels, amongst others.

We have an active match scene, fishing at Club, inter-Club and national levels. We believe that our Juniors are our future, and as such have Junior representation at all levels.

Should you decide to take this enquiry further, please submit a membership form and I'll arrange for you to forward your membership fee - currently 20 for Seniors, 10 for Juniors and 14 for unwaged on proof of status - to our treasurer, Paul Monteith, (cheques payable to Angus Dragons Angling Club). I will then arrange for a membership card to be sent to you, to which a current photo must be attached. This must be worn at all times when fishing Laird's Loch.

Coarse and Pike Angling in Scotland

The Club has produced a booklet entitled "Coarse & Pike Angling in Scotland" which is a guide to various waters in Scotland, ranging from Dumfries & Galloway and the Borders in the South to Inverness in the North. This is available for sale at 2.00, proceeds to Club funds.

If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to e-mail the Secretary. The club publishes a newsletter every once in a while which highlights all the latest activities of interest.

We look forward to receiving your application.
Tight Lines.

Lorna Monteith

WebMeister, Angus Dragons Angling Club

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